i was talking to a widow the other day about the anger that often accompanies grief, and I was reminded of how, early on, I sometimes felt so full of anger at how things had turned out that I felt I would explode. I knew I needed a release, and the only way I could think of to do that was to walk.

This was no slow, calm walk, sauntering along, enjoying the view. No. I took right to the hills, and took the steepest incline I could find. With every step, I spoke, recounting all that seemed unfair and wrong. I felt like I was fighting an unseen enemy as I climbed up the hill, swinging my arms to keep my upward momentum and feeling the reluctant muscles in my legs protest as I forced them to continue. By the time I reached the top, I was exhausted – but I had finally released all the pent-up emotion and ugly thoughts that had plagued me all night long.

I turned and gazed at the valley, peaceful and quiet below me. Yes, the challenges still awaited me when I walked back in my door down there – but each time I made that climb I felt a little more able to face them.

If you are full of anger, or dealing with emotions that seem ready to burst…..

Walk it out!