Four years,three months, and one day …….this is the current duration of my widowhood. Monday, the day I was born,Monday, today is Monday,  and it is a Monday, again! A day of the week, I use to ” love”! I always anticipated Monday because it symbolized a ” new start’ for me.Now, Monday is the day of the week, I wish did not exist! Sadly,Monday, June 29, 2015 was the day, my husband, Garren died.

    The Monday started off  rather good for us! I awoke early to take my daughter to college orientation at the University of  Arkansas Pine Bluff( UAPB). It would be a 3 hour drive and new student orientation begin at 8:00 a.m. Everyone was excited for this day! Plus, I had just passed all my Summer Grad classes and vacation was 3 days away! Things were looking good, at least I thought.

Sunday, June 21,Father’s Day, Garren felt ill after breakfast at Ihop. We stayed home the rest of the day.He had a stomach ache ,but on Monday, he stated he felt a little better. He took ,our son, Garren to Christian day school. The entire week he seemed fine. He only mention maybe once or twice that he had a headache and possibly needed to see an eye doctor.I told him I would schedule him an appointment soon.In fact,I slickly made an appointment for his headache and stomach ache.It was scheduled for Tuesday, June 30.

    Monday, June 29, Garren decided he did not feel well enough to travel with us.He decided to stay home to rest instead. I attempted to wake up Garren,II, aka Lil g, but my husband, Garren said ” No, let him sleep,He can stay home with me.” So, I left him alone and I kissed him on his forehead. I finished getting ready. It was 4:00 a.m., I kissed my husband, said I love you, and left for UAPB with my 17 year-old, daughter, Roy’ale LaTassja. Unknowingly,that Monday became my final goodbye.


So, yeah MONDAY! TODAY IS MONDAY, AGAIN! So, Monday will continue and so will I…….. Blue Monday People!