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Hope for Widows Foundation is honored to have been selected as the number one widow’s blog ranked among 50 amazing organizations, communities, blogs and individuals. We are grateful to our community of bloggers both past and present. Thank you for sharing your journey with all of us. Official release below: Hope For Widows Foundation which was selected by Feedspot as one of the Top 50 Widow Blogs on the web.

Kimberly Nicole Johnson

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Kimberly Johnson is a GOD fearing author, woman, widow, wife, mom, nana, daughter, sister, friend, entrepreneur and breast cancer survivor.
Kimberly helped build her business and brand side by side with her husband. They were the first Black owned /operated husband & wife team with a business in Cincinnati, Ohio called OTR (Over The Rhine) also known as Incredible Creations Beauty & Barber Salon. Their Brand is very well known to the masses. Kimberly & Devan were more than regular salon owners; Kimberly is a platform artist, educator, and a mentor. Kim fought and won the fight over Breast Cancer in 2014 with her husband Devan. The love of her life was by her side every step of the way never leaving her to do it alone. Then to turn around and lose him suddenly & unexpectedly in 2016. She thought her hardest battle was in 2014 but when she lost her husband she realized that now was a crossroad for her. Kimberly has decided to rise from the storm and walk authentically & truthfully in her purpose! GOD showed her how to “Unleash the Power of Greatness’ within. Kimberly has been thrust into her purpose of being an Author, releasing her first book ‘Walking without my Cane.’ Also, as a motivational speaker she is going to share, motivate & inspire others that a happy, fulfilling life is possible after facing such heartaches. She shares life can and will go on and it will be amazing despite what the past looks like. She will show others that your past doesn’t have to dictate how your future looks. She will show others how to be authentic, walk in their truth, live in the moment & just be. You can also find her on Instagram sharing her journey at @icdiamonds
You can visit her website to purchase her book and learn more at: https://www.kimberlynicolejohnson.com/

Maeghan Garcia


Maeghan Garcia started writing about her journey through grief in 2015, after the sudden and tragic loss of her late husband to brain cancer. She was seven months pregnant with their first child at the time. She currently reaches others who are grieving or seeking inspiration through her blog at Along The Broken Road and other social media accounts. She aspires to write a book about her grief journey soon.

Zahra Khakoo


I am a widow, mom and an avid activist of living your life to the fullest. I live my life as though everyday could be my last day. So I ensure each day is memorable and full of good. I have a 7 year old daughter who keeps me busy with hockey and other activities. I work full time and have a very full social calendar. I believe that grief comes in 3 stages. The beginning, the middle and the rest of your life. You can also read more about her journey on her personal blog at Not your Average Widow

Emily Agruss


On September 9, 2016 Emily lost the most precious gift she has ever received, her husband. She was 29 years old. Since then, she has been working through her grief by learning about herself and using her writing as a platform to bring awareness to the struggles of widowhood as well as what life was like living with substance abuse and PTSD. You can find her public Facebook page under ‘Ready, Set, Grieve…’

Kerry Phillips

Kerry Phillips - photo
Kerry Phillips’ world was forever changed in March 2012 when just one week after her first wedding anniversary she got the call that no one wants to hear: your husband has died. Determined to not allow grief to drag her under, Kerry chose to become an advocate for the widowed community, sharing her own journey and those of other young widows. She also realized there was a void for widows and widowers wanting to venture back into the world of dating and started Young, Widowed & Dating. The online support group provides a forum for those seeking a Chapter 2 love story to share their dating adventures and insights into life after loss. Her weekly blog covers topics ranging from relationships with in-laws to dating while raising children and everything in between. When she’s not blogging, Kerry is busy raising a feisty preschooler and power-walking her way through local 5K races.

Julia Steier


Julia lost her husband in 2013 to a rare liver cancer when she was 28 years old. In the months and years afterwards, Julia continues to use her grief into a positive lifestyle change. She has been involved in NCAA Athletics for 14 years, and has continued to document her fitness, athletic and grief journey in her heartbreaking and honest blog The Unwanted W. Julia’s journey has been featured in US Lacrosse Magazine, SoulCycle, and The Guardian. She currently writes for an online fitness and nutrition journal and works as a professional fitness instructor in Montgomery, AL.  You can also follow her journey and visit her website Lacrosse Widow or visit her Instagram for health tips and inspiration at  @uglygirl.fitness

Lindsey Wilbur

Who am I?
I am a mother, a friend, a daughter and most recently, a widow.
On August 12, 2016 my husband died and I went with him. I have been spending my days since trying to rediscover who I am. Slowly and painfully, the real Lindsey began to emerge from the rubble. I was unsure of my purpose but diligently pushed through and fought for something that offered a glimmer of hope. Through many long days of uncertainty and pain I finally realized that I am bigger than my tragedy, that grief has many faces, it’s not just tears.There is more, so much more and I intend on embracing every bit. I am here. I am hope. I am love. She also writes and shares her heart on her personal blog called Grief Deposit.  You can also find her on Instagram sharing her journey at @beatrixsgarden 

Cheryl Barnes

Cheryl Barnes was born in Atlanta, Georgia and after several moves with her family, settled in Indianapolis, Indiana.  She attended college at Indiana University Bloomington, majoring in Public and Environmental Affairs Management. While she attended college, she laid eyes on Martin “Tony” Barnes and was completely lost. They became inseparable and were married on December 24th, 1991.  After five years of marriage, their first son, Malcolm, was born on New Year’s Eve, 1991. After Tony obtained his Master’s Degree in Social Work, the family moved to Orlando, Florida. Tony worked as a counselor, while Cheryl got her dream job working at Walt Disney World. Two years later, their second son, Miles, was born in July 2004. Cheryl left Disney and took a job in accounting at a property management company. Everything seemed to be going well for the family and Cheryl made plans to attend nursing school. However, in July 2011, Tony was diagnosed with end stage renal failure caused by lupus. For the next three years, Cheryl cared for her husband while taking care of the boys and working. Tony’s health deteriorated as a result of several complications until he passed away on August 29, 2014. Thus began her new journey as a widow and single parent.
Cheryl was devastated at the loss of her beloved Tony, but continued to work and care for their sons as she had before.  As a way to work through her grief, she started writing, at first, only for herself.  But, being encouraged by others, she began publishing her blog, “Widowness and Light.”  Along with writing and being involved with several widows groups on Facebook while raising her boys, she works as a training bookkeeper at an association management company. She is also a Board Member for Black Women Widowed Empowered.
Her hobbies are reading, attending Orlando Magic games, yoga, going to the beach, and just chilling with her boys.

Mehak Mehta


Mehak Mehta started a Gratitude Diary after the loss of her husband to Colon Cancer in Dec 2016. They had 10 years of the deepest love and 7 years of the truest partnership.

Mehak is of Indian decent, born & brought up in Southern Africa and immigrated 15 years ago to United States. She is currently working as a Financial Professional living in Washington D.C. She is born in a Hindu family and gravitated on her own towards Buddhist teaching. She is an advocate for living a healthy lifestyle, mental health, yoga and meditation.

Mehak began sharing her story through The Gratitude Diary blog to self-reflect on personal experiences, lessons learnt and coping practices incorporated in her self-love/healing journey. She inspires others to discover the power of gratitude, be true to their authentic self and go inwards/meditate to live a joyful life. You can follow her self-love journey on her personal blog  The Gratitude Diary and Instagram.

Jessica Trobaugh



Hopeful and confident about the future.

synonyms:Trusting, hopeful, confident, positive, spirited, sanguine, bright, upbeat, full of hope.

On October 11th 2016 at 2 am I became a widow. I was 28. Married for one year but together for almost four, we had two amazing children (5 months & 2 at the time). We had built a life together in the time we had, overcoming numerous obstacles and walking away victorious as long as we stuck together. When he died so did the Jess that was his. In November of 2016 I began writing. This is something I had NEVER done or thought of before. For me the exploration of language is incredibly therapeutic. Writing strictly stream of thought, I have found a citadel in the storm expressing my truth and sharing with fellow widows/widowers who understand the waves completely. I have become stronger, braver, and realer than I ever knew I wasn’t. Continuing on this path I am forever optimistic even as I sob in bed at night. I just know there is a reason. I have to believe there is or this pain would be far too much. I am an open book at this point and grateful for the courage to continue. I want to bring light to the stigma of widowhood and the ignorance of the true daily struggle. I feel blessed to be able to share my story with you and hope that together we can find a deepening rejuvenation in the dark. You can follow more of Jessica’s journey on her personal blog at  The Optimistic Widow.

Danielle Thompson


Danielle Thompson was born in New York, and moved to North Carolina in 2009 with her husband and two boys. After an incredible job offer for her husband Jerry, they packed up their boys and relocated to California in the summer of 2015. In 2016 around Thanksgiving, her husband Jerry became sick where they found out very quickly that he had a late stage rare liver cancer. Jerry’s battle was short and he passed away in February of 2017. Danielle quickly moved back to North Carolina with her boys who are now 18 and 9 to grieve and heal. Part of her grieving is to share her journey to all that will hear, in hope that it will help someone going through the same thing. Danielle started her own blog called the This Widow Life early on and shared on social media to friends and family who encouraged her to keep writing. Danielle has met many other widows along her journey so far through her blog, social media groups, and local support groups. Danielle found hearing similar stories, encouraging and leaning on each other is vital on this path.

Along with blogging, Danielle has a background in accounting and is currently a licensed Real Estate agent.

Debbie Weiss


Debbie Weiss is a writer, yogi, gardener and former attorney. After her husband died of cancer in April 2013, she turned to writing when she found herself single and living alone for the first time at age 50. You can find her on her blog, The Hungover Widow  which offers empathy to those who find themselves alone at middle-age. It also offers dating advice to those re-entering the fray while dishing on her own checkered dating history.

Her work has been published in The Huffington Post, Woman’s Day, Good Housekeeping, Elle Decor, Reader’s Digest, Ravishly and Modern Loss, among other publications. She is currently writing a combination memoir and anti-advice manual on widowhood while trying to figure out how to program her garden lights. You can follow her on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram

Stacy Feintuch

Stacy Feintuch pic

Stacy Feintuch lost her husband to a sudden heart attack in 2011. He was 48 years old, she was 45, and their daughters were 10 and 12 at the time. In 2016, after four difficult years, she began to blog about her journey at The Widow Wears Pink. Since then, she has been published on sites such as Huffington Post, Today.com, Modern Loss, Scary Mommy, Grown & Flown, Thought Catalog, and many others. Her “day job” is Director of Client Relations for a financial investment firm, but writing is her passion. Her biggest success is her girls, and watching them grow into amazing young women is her greatest joy.

Dori Dupre

2018 Author Photo

Dori is an award-winning published novelist, short story, and freelance writer. As Dori Ann Dupré, she is the author of the international award-winning novel, Scout’s Honor, and Good Buddy, her second novel, which is currently represented. Dori lost her husband Eric to metastatic colon cancer on September 29th, 2016, devastating she and their two college-aged daughters, Abby and Ally. She blogs about her widow experiences through her website and uses her fiction writing as an outlet to share her husband’s story. Honored to be a part of Hope For Widows as a contributing blogger, she looks forward to sharing a part of herself with fellow “Shit Club” members. Dori works full time in the legal field, is a veteran of the United States Army, and currently resides in Raleigh, North Carolina with her two dachshunds, Stretch and Slinky while her daughters are off trying to save the world, each in their own way. Connect with Dori on social media: Twitter @DoriAnnDupre, Facebook @DoriAnnDupre, and Instagram @dori_dejong.

Katherine Billings Palmer


On August 13, 2017, I lost the love of my life. Rick Palmer and I celebrated our 20th wedding anniversary one month before he died at age 63 of complications from treatments for small cell lung cancer. He was my partner and soulmate, the love I had been looking for and finally found at age 40.

Rick was a talented writer and web designer and, in 2002, we began our own web and print design business. We worked together building the business and enjoyed traveling, writing, and playing together. Our dream was to spend our golden years together doing more of the same, but in the ten months from diagnosis to death, that dream shattered.

After Rick’s death, I quickly realized that the enormity of his loss was too much for me to handle on my own, so I began grief therapy. I also began writing through my grief in a journal of feelings, thoughts, memories, and poetry. As I navigate my new life alone, I share my journey and my efforts towards creating my “new normal” on my personal blog: The Writing Widow. I’m also on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.

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