About Us

Who we are

The foundation of Hope for Widows is firmly embedded in the bedrock of experience. From its leaders to its newest member, Hope for Widows is a support system for, and developed by widowed women. Our vision is to create a strong network of widows. We seek to empower our members through shared experience. We open the door to a new world for widows, ensuring they do not go through their experience alone, but with life-long connections and lasting support.

We are a non-denominational organization looking to assist widowed women, married or unmarried, who have lost their partner and are looking to find hope for a brighter day.

What we do

All of our programs are based on the concept of peer-based support. We offer no formal counseling and do not have any therapists or counselors on staff. We help each other to heal by telling our stories, and by being available to listen when an understanding ear is needed. We encourage you to utilize any of the following:

This website provides forums for widowed women and for their supporters. The widow forum is a respite, where respectful sharing of feelings, experiences, and successes are encountered. We are careful to allow only widows into the widows forum. The supporters forum is an opportunity for learning. Supporters share their experiences, their failings and successes, in aiding their grieving loved ones and friends.

Incorporated into the website is a widow notification system that alerts each of us when a new widow has been identified. It is an opportunity to connect and offer sympathies and to extend an invitation to our network.

Hope for Widows is working with mortuaries to distribute New Widow Packets to those they serve. The packets contain an introduction to Hope for Widows, as well as materials that we feel are valuable at their point of greatest grief.

Two Facebook groups provide further sharing and networking. The Hope for Widows 501(c)3 page is a closed group for widowed women only. The open Facebook page showcases the organization and uplifting posts.

We are working to provide bi-annual, 1-day retreats and 2-day widow conferences. Each day is carefully constructed to allow for sharing, for networking, and to facilitate learning. Our specialized speakers provide insight and encourage introspection, growth and healing. The most endearing part of these conferences and retreats is to watch widows connect and uplift each other.

We are working on Monthly chapter meetings in select cities offer peer-to-peer support groups facilitated by interfaith chaplains. Please contact us for information on chapter meetings.