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  • Founders, Michelle Eborn and Gwen Peterson started Hope for Widows Foundation after Michelle lost her husband in her 30’s and while being pregnant. Gwen started to realize that she is in her element when she is leading and serving people. Having been in the trenches with Michelle during her darkest days, Gwen realized it was time to make Michelle’s dream into a reality; create a safe place for widows.

  • Chasity Williams, Khadija Ali and Maureen Bobo publish their first book ‘The Unwelcome Committee’ that shares three different perspectives of how becoming a widow and dealing with the process of grief changed their lives forever.

  • Chasity Williams, Khadija Ali and Maureen Bobo begin to reach out to other organizations that serve widows as they knew they wanted to do more than “write a book”.  They desired to serve and make an impact in greater depth. During several networking opportunities, they met Gwen Peterson, founder of Hope for Widows Foundation.

  • Chasity, Maureen and Khadija were humbled to announce that their dream, their vision and their purpose of serving an ever-growing widow community came to fruition and they were now the appointed leaders of the new 501c Foundation called Hope for Widows Foundation.

  • Chasity Williams, Maureen Bobo and Khadija Ali start building community and encouraging growth. Implementing many new initiatives and programs to the Community to navigate the challenges of widowhood.  The private group grows from 3,254 members to over 6,122 members. Public group 9, 322 to over 15,000. Instagram from 0 to close to 6,000 followers. Their impact is making a difference.

  • The annual Restoring Hope & Peace Grant was established by Hope for Widows Foundation in 2019 to help widowed women offset financial challenges as they navigate their healing journey.

  • The very first Restoring Hope and Peace Grant is awarded to a Hope Sister in our Community.

  • The Restoring Hope and Peace Grant has expanded and Foundation awarded TWO Hope Sister’s in our Community.