Past Recipients

Each year Hope For Widows Foundation offers grant opportunities to widowed women in need.


I never imagined when I married that my marriage would be cut short by the death of my husband. Then it happened and I was lost, no clue what to do and not quite sure how to maneuver through my new life. So, I did what so many do I begun the search to find help, through people, places, books, websites and more….to my surprise I stumbled upon a community, a community of women who all certainly have one thing in common, we’ve all lost our spouses. Hope for Widows Foundation and the amazing members have helped me push through some of my darkest days. In a matter of 8 weeks, I lost my husband, my son was murdered, and I lost my job.  I desperately reached out to HFW for job search assistance/leads, the admins were amazingly wonderful and so very generous to take the time to respond and even offer to share my resume. 

Losing a spouse is so very hard, losing a child 5 weeks later is unexplainable. Finding a safe place to go to, where I can ask questions, find answers, get encouraged and even find motivation to survive those minutes in time has been life changing, lifesaving, truly a blessing.

I’m surviving the lowest, hardest most painful days in my life. After 2 funerals, no life insurance, job loss the stress has been unimaginable, even affecting my health. Having to choose between paying the most basic bills, buying groceries, taking care of healthcare needs, or filling much needed prescriptions has made some days an emotional struggle to live. Receiving the HFW grant TRULY did what I believe it is intended to do, it gave me HOPE that better days are to come and gave me a WILL to live so hopefully I can be the strength for other women in their dark times.

Thank you Hope for Widows Foundation for caring about me, thank you for helping me to survive on so many levels. Thank you for being a safe, caring place to go to.


Thank you so much to the Hope For Widows Foundation for awarding me with the 2021 Restoring Hope & Peace Grant. My life has been forever changed since I lost my husband in December of 2017. I have been suffering from depression as well as stress because of the financial strains that have been put upon me after he passed away. This past March, my community was hit with a EF4 tornado. While I did not suffer a total loss, my home was damaged. A portion of this grant will go towards paying my insurance deductible as this was an unexpected expense.

Thank you to all of the donors for believing and supporting this organization. This grant truly does give us “Hope & Peace”.


Being a recipient of the Restoring Hope & Peace Grant is such an honor.  As a now solo mother of two young children (11 months and almost 3), income has been very fixed and limited.  My husband was the sole breadwinner for our family as it was our desire for me to stay at home with the kids until school age.  We had discussed and agreed that I would go back to school part time, while staying home with our boys, to finish my degree, with the long-term goal being opening a counselling practice of my own.  Since losing my husband I am continuing with our plan and my goals, with one change, however.  Instead of pursuing classes casually with time to spare, I am now trying to go as full time as is possible with limited funds and two children so I can have my degree sooner than later, given that the “slow and steady” route isn’t nearly as financially plausible long term now. I need my degree so I can financially support the same quality of life for myself and our children that my husband provided us. I don’t want our children to suffer just because I’m all they have.  I have zero intentions on finding another partner at any point, and that means I will be the sole financial support for our family for forever – a role I can take on, I just need a little education first.  As mentioned earlier, my husband was our sole provider, so trying to support our kids while finishing a degree feels like a financially insurmountable task that the Restoring Hope & Peace Grant has helped to lessen.  This grant will pay in full for my next 3 classes and the textbooks needed for them, meaning I don’t have to worry about having enough money saved until January 2022 classes.  To say that’s a huge relief would be an understatement.  I am smart, capable, headstrong and brave, but I also know the benefit of humbly accepting help when it’s so generously offered. I want to express my sincere gratitude again to the Hope for Widows foundation for selecting me, I assure you the money is being put to valuable use.




“Thank you so much to Hope For Widows Foundation for awarding me the 2020 financial grant. It has been extremely hard since my husband passed away unexpectedly in October of 2019 and then a couple months later the COVID-19 pandemic hit.

I am a waitress for a local restaurant and lost my job. The grant has helped me tremendously. My only car was in the shop and I was told I had to get a new transmission.

Thank GOD for this grant as it helped me pay my deductible from my warranty so I could get my car fixed and it allowed transportation for my two children. I was also able to pay a couple of my necessity bills since I have not been able to really pay any of them because unemployment does not cover everything that I need.

When I got the phone call saying I was going to receive the Restoring Hope and Peace 2020 Grant it was the greatest blessing ever. I want to say thank you to all the wonderful women in this Foundation, you are a true blessing. It really does help knowing that there are people out here that care and truly help. I am so blessed to have such a wonderful group than I can count on to get advice and just read stories and to know I am not in this alone. Thank you so much again Hope for Widows Foundation.” – Ann


Beth became a sudden widow by losing her husband Phil by heart attack in February 2017, her and Phil have two children, ages 12 and 17. In 2018 the unexpected happened, and Beth was diagnosed with breast cancer. Grief and breast cancer was not a combination that she ever imagined having to battle after the loss of her love. Beth had to leave her job to take care of her health and children She shares: “Cancer touched my boob, so I am kicking its ass!”

Beth shared she would not know where she be without the support of her Hope Sisters: “I have followed Hope for Widows Foundation since early on in my grief journey. It truly helps knowing that you are not alone in the struggle and the obstacles we face when we have lost our loved one. Having hope helps bring one to a peaceful place, but it is an ongoing challenge. I am thankful for groups like Hope for Widows Foundation, especially on social media, that can help when we face dark times.”