Values, Mission & Vision

Hope for Widows Foundation is an established 501c3 Non Profit Organization that was formed as a support system for, and developed by widowed women.  All members of the organization are volunteers and are essential to our mission and are the life blood of what we do. Our help is not formally trained, it comes from each of our experiences, the innate understanding of walking through and sometimes what it seems may even be crawling through this uncharted journey. Each of our encounters and sharing allows us to learn and grow together. This community is positive, empowering and we understand that not every day will be positive and empowering, but we lift each other in the best way we each know how to.

We respect everyone’s beliefs and share no specific religious or philosophical ideology. Each woman is encouraged to be just as they are and share from their hearts and in turn their beliefs shine through. We welcome widows of all ages, races, grieving the death of a spouse/loved one and from any cause. We do not take sides on political issues or endorse political candidates, we ask that politics remain outside of the group. We treat each other with care and respect, showing consideration for those with whom we may disagree.

Our Mission: Easing the burdens of widows and their families.

We support widows through the grieving process and beyond by providing life transition resources and immediate connection; facilitating the healing process and allowing for rebuilding to start from our communities embrace and we uplift and encourage as widows re-engage in life.

Our Vision: Building Community & Encouraging Growth

Our vision is to be a strong network of widows – empowering our members through shared experience. We open the door to a safe haven for widows, ensuring they do not go through their experience alone, but with life-long connections and lasting support. We relate. We understand. We listen. We care.

Why specifically widows and not widowers?

It has been our experience that when we bring women and men together in a group setting, where individuals are at various stages in their grieving and emotions are high, that often time individuals become romantically involved which hinders the grieving process. We promote moving forward in your time, but we also value safety and keeping you at the heart and focus.