Thank You Sponsors & Partners

Hope for Widows is a 501(c)3 organization and relies on volunteers to run the organization, moderate discussions and provide the other assets that have been and continue to be so helpful for so many women. We invite you to consider donating or supporting our organization.


Donations in any amount are appreciated and will be put to good use. If Hope for Widows has helped you or someone you love please help us continue to help others and consider a donation for $10, $20, or $50 or more. Funds collected are applied 100% to website optimization, new widow kits, local events and other Hope for Widows initiatives.


Hope for Widows relies on sponsorship and donations to continue to carry out our mission, vision and values. Your sponsorship money not only helps provide this valuable service—it can be a smart choice for your business. Hope for Widows carefully reviews all sponsorship applications and only partners with companies or individuals that will benefit our membership and can in turn receive benefits of exposure to our membership.

Website Sponsorship

This website was made possible by the generous donation of Addelise Inc. Addelise is owned by Tanya Smith, a remarried widow who was a previous Board Member and Creative Director at Hope for Widows Foundation.

Thanks to our Partners

Hope for Widows Foundation thanks Self & Sanity and The Mighty.

Sanity & Self

Sanity  &  Self  is  a  guided  wellness  app  that  helps  women  squeeze  in  time  to  take    care  of  themselves  through  short,  interactive  audio  sessions  guided  by  mindfulness,  fitness  and  personal  growth  experts.  No  matter  if  you  have  two  minutes  or  an  hour,  Sanity  &  Self  gives  you  quick  and  easy  ways  to  re-energize,  recharge  and  restore.  Through  a  community  of  peers  and  experts,  women  can  connect  on  the  topics  that  are  important  to  them,  whether  it’s  wellness,  feel-good  workouts,  parenting  or  more,  and  get  the  support  they  need.  Women  spend  all  day  caring  for  others,  but  women  need  care  for  themselves,  too.  Old  models  of  self-care  don’t  work  because  they’re  not  efficient  or  don’t  solve  for  the  whole  woman’s  wellbeing  –  Sanity  &  Self  is  the  only  destination  dedicated  to  getting  your  mind,  body  and  soul  the  self-care  you  deserve. You can read more about them on their website at:


To download the app please click here.
Hope for Widows members can use the promo code HEALINGHAPPENS when they visit here.  This will give you 30 days of premium subscription for free.

The Mighty

Hope for Widows Foundation has formed a partnership with The Mighty.

The Mighty publishes real stories by real people facing real challenges. They bring community and awareness and we are thankful to be a partner. This is a safe platform for our community to tell their stories, connect with others and raise support for the causes we each believe in. We are stronger when we face adversity together, and Hope For Widows Foundation and The Mighty deliver together a wonderful platform for you to share if you feel called to do so.

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