Widows of Hope Virtual 5k Run/Walk – Click here to register now!

Annual initiative to get everyone active while bringing attention to the more than 245 million women around the world who are widowed and the challenges of losing a spouse, and most importantly honoring a loved one. Proceeds will benefit Hope for Widows Foundation, a 501c3 non-profit organization, and will be applied towards the annual Restoring Hope and Peace Grants, Sunshine Packages and Bring Hope Holiday Assistance Program.



Hope Sister Connect

Widow Empowerment peer-to-peer online group where we also host private Facebook lives to navigate the challenges of widowhood. We can be found on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube and LinkedIn.


Health and Wellness

Join Hope for Widows Foundation Health and Wellness Program leaders in our community where they provide resources and initiatives to re-engage in life and learn about nutrition,  fitness, and lifestyle. Along with uplifting and encouraging messages to validate emotions and bring hope while on the grief journey.


Community Bloggers- Ranked # 1 Widow blog in 2019 and 2020

Widow contributors share their time, energy, and talent even when fighting their own grief battles. A huge source of encouragement, mentorship and just beacons of advice for our Community. Submissions are weekly, bi-weekly, monthly and quarterly.  Find blog here.


Hearts for Hope Programs

Hope for Widows Foundation knows the grief journey is exhausting and difficult, but our desire is to bring hope to widows in our community to let them know we understand and care through our Hearts of Hope program. From self-care regimes, funny and uplifting, coping tools, resources, and more, we want widows to know they are not alone on their journey. Sunshine packages can be requested and purchased for any holiday or just to say “I am thinking of you.”   You can also check out our Amazon charity list if you would like to assist and purchase items for our Sunshine boxes/mail here.

Annual Restoring Hope and Peace Grant

Financial annual grants awarded to widowed women to offset financial challenges as she navigates her healing journey. Yearly application process to apply and Awardees selected.

Other Programs

  • In Waves…. Grief Moves: FREE Health and Wellness virtual program. We understand grief really does come in waves and we must learn to ride them. J’aime Morrison, Ph.D. will lead a series of virtual workshops that put mourning in motion through moving meditations, gentle stretching, and an intuitive embodied practice.
  • Bring Hope for the Holidays – Embrace the spirit of giving by participating in our ‘Bring Hope’ virtual program that assists a widow’s family directly who are unable to provide gifts for their children or other necessities during this Christmas season. Some widows who are struggling to make ends meet during the holiday season simply do not have the luxury of purchasing Christmas gifts when their finances require them to choose between keeping the lights on and food on the table or purchasing presents. Add in the factors of solo parenting, grief, and the emotional and physical toll it takes. If you would like more details on how you can support a widow and her family, please email us directly.


Other Events and Awareness

  • National Widows Day (May 3)
  • International Widows Day (June 23)
  • National Grief Awareness Day (Aug 30)
  • Children’s Grief Awareness Day (Nov 16)
  • Giving Tuesday (Tuesday after U.S. Thanksgiving)