Join us in our Private Facebook Group.

Joining Hope For Widows Foundation is free, there is no membership fee, but many benefits provided to our community.

This is a private peer to peer support group that requires approval. Only widowed woman are allowed in this group. This link will direct you to send us a Facebook friend request to our Foundation friend profile page (Hope Connect) – where we can easily screen, approve and then add you to the private group directly.  Note this group is set to PRIVATE- it is not searchable on Facebook.

We are deeply sorry for your loss.

Hope for Widows Foundation understands the heartbreak and sadness the loss of a husband, father, brother and friend leaves. Please know that we are actively researching and approving Support Requests as soon as we can.

In the meantime, please visit our Resources page for help.

There are many other widow groups out there but Hope for Widows does a few things that sets them apart from anyone else supporting widows. First, they are the only place I’m aware of that only allows women. any other groups allow widowers and I’ve been hit on by many men who’ve only been widowed 6 months. Hope for Widows creates an environment where I can truly be vulnerable, knowing a man won’t use it to his advantage. Second, I know Hope for Widows takes our privacy seriously. They go through many “behind the scenes” efforts to ensure only widowed women are added to their closed groups/forums. Thank you for ensuring our physical and emotional safety.

Sheri, Los Angeles, CA

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