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Articles and helpful information written specifically by the Hope for Widows Foundation blogging community.  Voted #1 widow blog in 2019, 2020 and 2021.

Programs and Awareness ›
We provide many programs for you to get involved in. Please check back regularly for more information and get involved.

Health and Wellness: Therapy Inspired ›
Virtual and/or in-person individual grief counseling, group therapy, tailored workshops, and life coaching seminars to assist with navigating grief while re-engaging and embracing life. No medical insurance required and low discounted rates for our Community.

Hope Connect: Public Facebook Page  ›
This is our public page where we represent our community to new members and the public alike. We post many articles and quotes that you can relate to, including our latest blog posts.

Hope Connect: Private Facebook Group ›
This is a private peer-to-peer support group that requires approval. Only widowed women are allowed in this group. It helps us facilitate the management of our community and showcase selected uplifting posts to our general audience. This link will direct you to send us a Facebook friend request to our Foundation friend profile page called Hope Connect. This is to ensure we can easily screen, approve and then add you to the private group directly.  Note this group is set to PRIVATE- it is not searchable on Facebook -we will need to add you or a fellow widow hope sister you may know- that is already in the group can add you too.

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Please follow Hope For Widows Foundation on Instagram. We share program updates, relatable quotes, articles,  and inspirational and uplifting messages.

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Please subscribe to the Hope For Widows Foundation channel on YouTube for the latest videos in our Community.

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