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Hope For Widows Foundation

A Supportive Community That Cares.

Your journey is unique; your loss so very personal. Hope for Widows Foundation is here to be a supportive community that you can grow with.

Hope for Widows Foundation a 501c3 Nonprofit Organization is a national support system for, and developed by, widowed women. We are a connection that offers community support and resources, and we hope you will stand and grow with us.

Through our community support, private Facebook Group,  resource section, initiatives, consistent giveaways, online and in-person meet-ups and conferences we serve to offer caring support and connection through the entire grieving process.

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Hope for Widows Foundation offers a newsletter, Private Facebook Group to interact with other ladies, Instagram connection and much more!  We plan consistent initiatives, giveaways, and in-person/ online meet-ups and events.  We hope you join and get involved. 

Women Helping Women

Events & Initiatives

Widow Wednesday 

Join Khadija, Hope For Widows Director live on the Hope For Widows Facebook group  on selected Wednesday’s.

Self Care Saturday

Join Maureen, Hope for Widows Director live on the Hope For Widows Facebook group on selected Saturday’s.

Hope Sister Sunday’s

Join Chasity, Hope for Widows Director live on private conference call line to connect with other Hope Sisters to talk about widowhood on selected Sunday’s

December Series

Hope Sister Christmas Gift Exchange (in Private Facebook Group)

February Series 

Hope Sister Heart Exchange (in Private Facebook Group)

Latest Blog Posts

  • Deep Loneliness

    There is a deep loneliness that encompasses my soul lately. It is similar to a shadow that follows you on a partly sunny day. It's always there. I'm keenly aware of the sunshine. But the longing for my husband and
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  • Reflecting Upon a Year of Loss.

    Over the past couple of weeks, I have had a writer's block of sorts… Or maybe more of a writer's flood… Or perhaps a mental flood is the best way to put it. My mind is filled to the brim
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  • The Happiest Moments

    Last week, my eldest daughter’s boyfriend texted me that he wanted to meet me for lunch “soon.” He also asked me for my Father-in-Law’s phone number. We set up a lunch date near my office. Anyone with half a brain
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  • Working on year 5 of this widowed life

    I recently began my journey into year five of this widow life.  And so much has changed from that first year. And some things will always remain the same.     When I think of my late husband now, I
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