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Hope For Widows Foundation

A Supportive Community That Cares.

Your journey is unique; your loss so very personal. Hope for Widows Foundation is here to be a supportive community that you can grow with.

Hope for Widows Foundation a 501c3 Nonprofit Organization is a national support system for, and developed by, widowed women. We are a connection that offers community support and resources, and we hope you will stand and grow with us.

Through our community support, private Facebook Group,  resource section, initiatives, consistent giveaways, online and in-person meet-ups and conferences we serve to offer caring support and connection through the entire grieving process.

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Hope for Widows Foundation offers a newsletter, Private Facebook Group to interact with other ladies, Instagram connection and much more!  We plan consistent initiatives, giveaways, and in-person/ online meet-ups and events.  We hope you join and get involved. 

Women Helping Women

Events & Initiatives

Annual Restoring Hope and Peace Grant

The annual Restoring Hope & Peace Grant is to partially ease the financial burden of a widowed woman as she navigates her healing journey. Yearly application process to apply and Awardee selected.

Hope Sister Connect Sunday’s

Join Chasity, Khadija or Maureen,Hope for Widows Director live on private conference call line to connect with other Hope Sisters to talk about widowhood on selected Sunday’s

Hope Sister Connect- Facebook Live Sunday’s

Join Jo Hausman, Hope for Widows Members Outreach Committee Member live in private Facebook group to connect with other Hope Sisters to talk about widowhood on selected Sunday’s

Health and Wellness

Join Shelle Ponfil, Hope for Widows Health and Wellness Outreach Member in our private group as she shares Monday, Wednesday and Friday helpful information such as nutrition, recipes, personal development, fitness and lifestyle.

December Series

Hope Sister Christmas Gift Exchange (in Private Facebook Group)

February Series 

Hope Sister Hearts of Hope (in Private Facebook Group)

Latest Blog Posts

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    Imagine you’re driving in your car, enjoying the scenery. It’s a beautiful sunny day and you’ve been looking forward to this trip. You’re happy about being halfway to your destination and singing along with the radio, when - suddenly -
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  • Break the Stigma

    Mental Illness is not talked about enough. I lost my husband to mental illness.  Truth is, I was losing him before he took his life. Mental illness robbed my husband of who he was. It robbed our marriage, it robbed
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  • Night Before My Wedding

    When Jared died I swore I would never date again.  Never love again. And certainly never marry again.  And then on November 19, 2016 I met Jon and before I knew it, I was falling in love.  Within a few
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  • There’s No Gift Like the Present

    The start of this year looks very different compared to every year prior. I don’t have my typical resolution to eat healthier or to lose a few pounds. Instead, I enter this year with quite a bit of emotional baggage.
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