A philanthropic, charitable giving 501c3 Non Profit organization that strives to offset the financial challenges of
and build community among widowed women worldwide.

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Hope For Widows Foundation

A Supportive Community That Cares.

Your journey is unique; your loss so very personal. Hope for Widows Foundation is here to be a supportive community that you can grow with.

Hope for Widows Foundation is a national support system for, and developed by, widowed women. Through our private online support, grief awareness initiatives, resources, incentives and financial support we serve to offer caring advocacy and connection through the entire grieving process.

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Hope Connect

Through our private online support, Facebook lives, grief awareness initiatives, resources, incentives and financial support we serve to offer caring advocacy and connection through the entire grieving process. 

Widows Helping Widows

Events & Initiatives

Annual Restoring Hope and Peace Grant

Financial annual grants awarded to widowed women to offset financial challenges as she navigates her healing journey. Yearly application process to apply and Awardees selected.

Hope Sister Connect

Widow Empowerment peer to peer online support group where we also host private Facebook lives to navigate the challenges of widowhood. We can be found on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube and LinkedIn.

Health and Wellness

Join Hope for Widows Health and Wellness Outreach Member as she shares Monday, Wednesday and Friday helpful information. Provides resources to learn about nutrition, recipes, fitness, and lifestyle. Along with uplifting and encouraging messages to validate emotions and bring hope while on the grief journey.

Community Bloggers- Ranked # 1 blog in 2019 and 2020

Widow contributors share their time, energy, and talent even when fighting their own grief battles. A huge source of encouragement, mentorship and just beacons of advice for our Community. Submissions are weekly, bi-weekly, monthly and quarterly.  Find blog here: 

Widows of Hope Virtual 5k  Run/ Walk

Annual initiative to get everyone active while bringing attention to the more than 245 million women around the world who are widowed and the challenges of losing a spouse, and most importantly honoring a loved one. Proceeds will benefit Hope for Widows Foundation, a 501c3 non-profit organization and will be applied towards the annual Restoring Hope and Peace Grants.

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    Just when you think you may understand what grief is and what your journey looks like, a wave of grief can move in and bring you to your knees. The waves of grief continue to swell. And, on some days,
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  • Imagining the unimaginable

    Imagining the unimaginable Music has always been important in my life. Certain kinds of music.  Smooth jazz, jazz standards, music with Caribbean/African rhythms, Classical music and Christian worship music.  My tastes are as eclectic as my taste in colors and
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  • A Widow’s Mental Health

    Amid the pandemic, one common theme brought up by many physicians in differing specialties is concerns about mental health.  Mental health is a public health concern especially during these trying and difficult times.  Millions are out of work and are
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  • Grief Includes Happiness

      It had been months since a smile had formed on my lips that didn’t betray my pain. And while joy seemed more like a Hollywood movie than a reality, I craved it to the point of longing. It was
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