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Follow the journey of three women through one of life’s most difficult challenges: becoming a young widow.

The Hope for Widows Directors Maureen Bobo, Chasity Williams and Khadija Ali recently published a book in August 2016 that shares three different perspectives of how becoming a widow and dealing with the process of grief changed their lives forever. This book is not only significant to losing a spouse, but to comprehend and grasp the outlook of grief overall.

The ladies cover various topics such as what happened, single parenting, finances, balance, coping mechanisms, digression, resentment, complicated grief, gaining to be understood and so much more. This book is raw, uncut and has many personal reflections that may be surprising to read.

Available on Amazon and Kindle. Order your copy today!

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These resources are provided by members of the Hope for Widows closed Facebook Group and other collaborative scenarios within the grieving community.

Please note, these are being presented as community links and do not necessarily represent the opinions and/or views of the Hope for Widows Foundation.

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  • Consider making a Facebook memorial page for your loved one. This is a good place for people to post comments, memorial pictures and encouragement.