Hope For Widows Foundation Events

Widow Wednesday 

Join Khadija, Hope For Widows Director live on the Hope For Widows Facebook group  on selected Wednesday’s.

Self Care Saturday

Join Maureen, Hope for Widows Director live on the Hope For Widows Facebook group on selected Saturday’s.

November Series

I can’t CHANGE the fact that you are always on my mind

December Series

Hope Sister Christmas Gift Exchange (in Private Facebook Group)

Upcoming Observed Dates

Children’s Grief Awareness Day – November 16, 2017

Annual Events & Past Initiatives


  • National Widows Day – May 3, 2017
  • International Widows Day – June 23, 2017
  • National Grief Awareness Day – August 30, 2017
  • Children’s Grief Awareness Day – November 16, 2017
  • Meet up Groups for Widows across the United States – meet ups currently in Long Beach, CA, Columbus, OH – coming soon to Cleveland, OH, Baton Rouge, LA, Glendale, AZ and more!
  • Facebook Store on our Public Facebook page with items pertinent to grief – there is also a section where the hope sisters can sell their products/services if desired.
  • Hope Sister gift exchange during the Christmas season- matched and exchange worldwide; in private group
  • Hope Sisters heart exchange – exchange gifts during Valentine’s season; in private group
  • Annual Widows of Hope Virtual 5k Fundraising event
  • Quick Glance Resource Guide to help widows with services they may need; file located in our private group
  • Monthly Giveaways  to uplift and encourage our widows; in private group and Instagram
  • Monthly Campaign Series (31 Days of Gratitude, 30 days of Self Care, 31 Days of Capturing Widowhood and many more to come)
  • Pen Pal Initiative – the Hope Sisters send each other birthday, anniversary , angelversary cards, holiday and/or just well wishes generated from a master list that is constantly growing.
  • Facebook Live on selected Wednesday’s and Saturday’s- live interaction and bonding with ladies on relatable grief topics; in our private group
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