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Shelle Ponfil, Health and Wellness


Shelle Ponfil is currently a senior sales manager at a convention hotel in Green Bay, WI. Shelle has worked in the hospitality and restaurant industry for pretty much her entire life. Being drawn to hospitality has led her to her current roll in sales where she is able to help clients get set up with an event that is exactly what they are looking for. When she is not at the hotel, Shelle is also a Beach Body Coach – focusing on health and wellness – both physically and mentally helping women to get through grief and depression. Her focus is connecting mind – body – spirit in a variety of ways to help women become – or get back to – the best versions of themselves.

Shelle met her husband Steve when working at a resort casino and they had an amazing 5 years together with his two children. The four of them spent their days 4 wheeling, snowmobiling, fishing – pretty much anything outdoors. September 8, 2017 she woke up to find her husband not breathing, only 46 years old. Working though the experience of that tragic morning, along with all that goes into life after the death of a spouse, has led her to reinvent herself.

Going from not being able to get out of bed in the morning to now waking up at 4am (on purpose) to workout. Shelle is using this unfortunate, tragic experience to work on herself and help other women to do the same. There is something to be said about grief and trauma, we can let it defeat us or we can use the experiences to help others overcome and prosper – not because of it, but despite of it.

Shelle plans on honoring her husband and his life by motivating Hope Sister’s in the community to live the life they want, need and deserve. Areas of focus for Shelle will be meal planning, grocery shopping and easy fixed-meals, personal development, workouts, self care, motivation and inspiration. No one knows why life throws at us what it does, but each of us is capable of still living our best life. And no one needs to be alone on that journey to get there.

Be on the lookout for active initiatives within our community.

You can email Shelle directly for questions concerning Health and Wellness at shelle.ponfil@gmail.com.  Also, you can find her on Instagram at: @shellelynncoaching

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