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Hope for Widows Foundation is a certified 501c3 Non Profit Organization that serves to empower, inspire and support the widowed community. All members of the organization are volunteers and are essential to our mission and are the life blood of what we do.

So many have contacted us and asked, “How can we help? How can we get involved?” There are many answers and ways to each of these questions. Many donate their time, their experience and then also monetarily to the cause.

So, what is the cause? When you have a reported 13 million widows in the United States and approximately 800,000 widowed annually and most under the age of 55 – that is the cause. Many deaths as we know are not foreseen or planned and even the ones that are, the thoughts are alike – what’s next, what now and mostly how?

Donations in any amount are appreciated. If Hope for Widows Foundation has helped you or someone you love please help us continue to help others and consider a donation for $10, $20, or $50 or whatever your heart desires.

Funds collected are applied 100% to our Widows directly, Annual Restoring Hope and Peace financial Grant, our community and cause. 

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