Sunshine Mail Program

Monthly self-care and uplifting boxes sent to our widow community that uplift, encourage and offer resources. Each shipment is wrapped with love and is filled with self-care products to encourage widows to smile and to care for themselves during their journey when they are re-engaging in life. From self-care regimes, funny and uplifting, coping tools, resources, and more, we want widows to know they are not alone on their journey. Every box and the products inside are different each month.

In Waves Grief Moves Program

Virtual FREE workshops that offer guided movement meditation with a focus on visualization and gentle stretching to embody and move through grief. Come as you are and wherever you are. These hour-long workshops include guided movement, journaling, discussion, and creative expressions of our grief and healing journeys.  No experience necessary. Movement + Community = Medicine

Pieces of Hope Program

Consistent hope, encouragement and uplifting short videos shared with our community through our YouTube channel as widows navigate their grief journey.