We love this encouraging community and the woman we have become connected to, though the circumstances are not what any of us would have wanted to bring our connection.  Thank you to the widows who have shared here, how Hope for Widows has helped them. Do you have a story of your own? Please send it to us using our contact form.

There are many other widow groups out there but Hope for Widows does a few things that sets them apart from anyone else supporting widows. First, they are the only place I’m aware of that only allows women. any other groups allow widowers and I’ve been hit on by many men who’ve only been widowed 6 months. Hope for Widows creates an environment where I can truly be vulnerable, knowing a man won’t use it to his advantage. Second, I know Hope for Widows takes our privacy seriously. They go through many “behind the scenes” efforts to ensure only widowed women are added to their closed groups/forums. Thank you for ensuring our physical and emotional safety.

Sheri ~ Los Angeles, CA

I have been a widow for 6 years. The ladies on this page have been very supportive, thoughtful and welcomed me with open arms when I found this page a year after I lost my husband. Even though we all lost our spouses in different ways,age, etc. I couldn’t ask for a better group of ladies that I can turn to to ask questions, need someone to talk to or even when I have needed to vent. I honestly don’t think I could have gotten through these last 6 years of losing my husband ( btw I lost my husband to a suicide bomber while he was deployed to IRAQ in March 2008). This group just has the most amazing women and while none of us ask to be a widow I know for me knowing that there is someone who understands what I am going through is such a tremendous help to me. Thank you ladies for being there for me when I have needed to talk, cry, scream, or even just need to vent!!

Tiffany ~ Starkville, MS

Widowed almost 8 years. Sometimes, we are the wounded healers at my stage. Sometimes, we are still wounded. Sometimes…we can provide support, advice, ideas. Through helping others we help ourselves. Thank you for all you have done for us.

Regina ~ Central, NJ

I was lost before I was invited to join this group it has helped me realize this is a journey none of us ever wanted to take but I can get through my bad days with the help from my widowed sisters in arms and share my good days as well

Denise ~ Paulden, AZ

Where would I be without this group of amazing women? I have found a safe place to land.

Darlene ~ Prescott, AZ

Having others going through the same situation and levels of grief has been a huge comfort. Therapists can listen and recommend things, but unless they lost a spouse how do they honestly relate. As widows being part of a group like this we form a bond with strangers that fully understand our pain, thank you everyone for just being there we are like our own extended family a sisterhood.

Debra ~ Cape Coral, FL

I don’t even remember how I got invited into the group-but I was widowed on Jan 17 2013- I was welcomed with open arms and open hearts-this group has pulled me literally from the edge more times than I can count and I am so blessed to count these women as sisters of my heart-It is such a relief to have such a safe haven to come to, to talk to those who really “get it” regardless of where they are in their journey.

Shana ~ Louisville, KY

Hope For Widows is a comfort for me it gives me some peace. I read all post reply to some it helps me in this grief journey knowing that there are woman out there that are traveling this same journey.

Ann ~ Gatlinburg , TN

Hope for Widows has been the most inspiring place. I can write anything that is on my mind and not be judged. We all are going through the same thing, but in different ways. It really helps when you know that you have friends that will listen.

Sharon ~ Nickerson, KS

I have no local friends..Most have passed away..Reading all these posts from people of different ages and circumstances has indeed helped me..Everyone knows what you are going thru even if the circumstances are different the ending is the same..Always someone who understands and give a helping hand.

Paula ~ Louisville, KY

Regarding your closed group on Facebook, while I don’t often write, I read all of the posts. Being a young widow who was only married two months, there were no face to face groups that helped me feel like people understood my pain. Too many times, those groups were all about how long someone had been married and whose grief hurt the most. This group has allowed me to share in others widowhood and realize I am not alone. The beautiful women who share their stories here do not judge, they simply are here to support. I appreciate it more than anyone can imagine.

Kat ~ Gilbert, AZ

It’s really helpful to be surrounded by my women widow friends on here and knowing I’m safe to speak my thoughts and not be pitied or needed fix. These women just get it.

Amanda ~ Hutchinson, KS


I love the season of Spring, when the earth renews itself with beautiful flowers, blossoms, and green grass, and the sun seems to shine brighter in the sky while the daylight hours last longer.

I also love the Hope For Widows Foundation because it, too, offers sunlight on our life path in a time of intense darkness and despair. The light comes from our sister widows who may have walked a similar path. We provide insight and understanding filled with compassion and empathy for each other.

For those who have just started this widow journey, as well as those who are further along but are still in the winter of their grief, please know that springtime will come. Take your time, scream, weep, feel. Do whatever is necessary to make it through the rough and raw days of winter, and know that it’s okay.

Grief is different for everyone. There is no set time; there are no rules. The stages of grief, of which you may be familiar, are only a guideline, which offers some insight on what you or I are going through. For most, all we can do is just FEEL our feelings and move through it.

For me, when I least expected it, my personal Spring arrived. Although my grief remains (and it will always be with me), it has transformed into something more gentle and soft. With the onset of my Spring came gratitude for my life, which is filled with new experiences and opportunities.

Hold on sister widows … Your Spring will come, too. Perhaps, it’s just around the corner. image

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