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Hope For Widows Foundation

A Supportive Community That Cares.

Your journey is unique; your loss so very personal. Hope for Widows Foundation is here to be a supportive community that you can grow with.

Hope for Widows Foundation is a national support system for, and developed by, widowed women. We are a connection that offers community support and resources, and we hope you will stand and grow with us.

You may be wondering what it means to join Hope for Widows Foundation. Your membership is free and joining provides you with:

Access to the private backend of our secure site which offers many additional resources and access points to our community members and fellow widows.

Access to the private Facebook Group

Access to the private 24×7 chat app known as Slack

The monthly Hope for Widows Foundation newsletter

Through our community support, private Facebook Group, 24×7 online chat, resource section, initiatives, consistent giveaways, online and in person meet-ups and conferences we serve to offer caring support and connection through the entire grieving process.

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Hope for Widows Foundation offers a monthly newsletter, Private Online Chat, Private Facebook Group, and the ability to find other widows near you (once you have requested to join). We plan monthly initiatives, giveaways and in person meet-ups and events.  We hope you join and get involved. 

Women Helping Women

Events & Initiatives

Widow Wednesday 

Join Khadija, Hope For Widows Director live on the Hope For Widows Facebook group  on selected Wednesday’s.

Self Care Saturday

Join Maureen, Hope for Widows Director live on the Hope For Widows Facebook group on selected Saturday’s.

November Series

I can’t CHANGE the fact that you are always on my mind

December Series

Hope Sister Christmas Gift Exchange (in Private Facebook Group)

Upcoming Observed Dates

Children’s Grief Awareness Day – November 16, 2017

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