A new idea.

Sometimes that’s all it takes to turn a corner.

Often when I’ve been struggling with something – with grief, with disappointment, with the actions of another, or with a situation beyond my control, I have found that a new way of looking at things can help me see the situation more realistically, and help me plan a better way to respond to the challenge.

I recently read the definition of a forum: “A place, meeting, or medium where ideas and views on a particular issue can be exchanged.”

Here at Hope for Widows we hope to provide that for you. At our new website, hopeforwidows.org, we have created forums on a variety of topics and will be filling them with information to help you as you make your journey toward healing.

Go to the website, (hopeforwidows.org,) click on “Resources for Widows”, and then on “Forums.”

You are welcome, also, to share what has helped you, so that, together, we can provide support and help – and hope!