I was out shopping the other day and made a quick stop at a store for one item. I made the purchase and hurried out to my car, got in and turned the key.

Nothing happened.

I tried again, and heard a clicking sound, but the engine didn’t even turn over.

I let it wait a moment, and then tried once more, but I could tell there was no use in continuing to try. The battery was dead.

I sat thinking about what to do, and decided to call my son. He was in a nearby town, but said he would leave as soon as possible to come help. So, with the hood of the car raised, I sat in the car and waited.

Two customers who walked past my car stopped and asked, “Do you need help?” but I explained that my son was on his way, and they continued on into the store.

It had only been a few moments when an employee of the store came out and asked if there was anything they could do. I explained the situation, and she said, “Oh I’m sure one of us can help – let me go check.”

She was back immediately with a co-worker who smiled and went to pull her car up next to mine. We attached jumper cables; the car started, and I called my son to let him know all was well.

As I drove away I thought about how busy those store employees were, and how, in spite of that, they had seen someone in need of help and had come to my aid. I don’t think that was on their “to-do” list for the day, but they made it a priority, and it blessed me.

Grief can keep us pretty focused inward as we heal. But as that healing comes, there also comes the ability and desire to look outward, to see others that we might be able to serve in some way. Gratefully, that time came for me, and I loved the feeling of actually making a positive difference in someone’s life.

However, it’s been several years, and I’ve become busy. I wondered that day when those people dropped what they were doing to help me if, in my quest to get everything on my own ‘to-do’ list done, I’m missing opportunities to help someone in need. I’m pretty sure I am.

So, for today, I’ve added one item to my list:

Find one way to serve someone.

If I keep my eyes and heart open, I’m sure I’ll be able to check that one off.

Good people. They are all around us. We can become like them. Someday, I want to be counted among them!