The Dinner Table

I’ve heard and read recently from several different sources how dramatic a difference it can make in the life of a child if he or she grows up with a dinner table around which the family gathers to eat meals. Whether that family is a two-parent, multiple child family or just one parent with a child, simply the fact that they are together for that time to be nourished can make a huge difference in the future of that child.

I believe it makes a difference for us as adults, too. One article I read talked about the difference in health between those who sit at a table and eat compared to those who sit on a couch and eat while watching television. You can guess which practice resulted in better health.

I still had children at home when my husband drowned, so I had to get something on the table for them each day. I’m glad I don’t remember those first few months – I have no idea how or what we ate during that time. But I remember finding the book, “Saving Dinner” and feeling such a relief, because it had menus, shopping lists, and recipes – everything I needed to get dinner ready without thinking about it.  Finally I could just follow what it said to do that day, and not have to make any decisions! I was so grateful for that book (and I’m sure my children were, too.)

I know when we are grieving, many things that used to be daily habits are simply too difficult, and we just survive for a while. But as soon as you feel able to, I encourage you to set a goal related to what your meal times will look like. If at all possible, I hope it can include a peaceful break for you – around the dinner table!

Dinner table