I had a dream the other night, wherein I had a boyfriend. I was glad I had mustered the courage to date and was happily dating a very nice, attractive man. We were hanging out together. Then something happened.

My husband showed up.

I said what every widow would say upon seeing her beloved husband. “What are you doing here? I THOUGHT YOU WERE DEAD!” Awkward. Fortunately, my husband and boyfriend spent the time looking at each other in a rather perplexed manner, without speaking.

Mercifully, I woke up before the inevitable “conversations” occurred. Whew.

Talk about living “My Favorite Wife” or “Move Over, Darling”. Yikes!

What’s with that? What is my subconscious trying to tell me? Am I ready to start dating? Will I ever be ready to start dating? Those of you who have dated, did you “reach a point” where you were comfortable about dating, or did it just happen?

My inquiring subconscious wants to know.