Last week I wrote about the importance of being able to play with our children, to help them feel joy once more, especially in light of the great loss they have experienced.

How do you play with the children in your life?

I attended a conference for people in business, and one of the speakers said that the most effective business people know how to make time to play, even in very simple ways. He talked of one man who owned a multi-million dollar company who would go to the park and swing on the swing set to feel the joy he wanted to feel.

As I sat there, I realized I hadn’t really played in a very long time. I’d become serious about everything, and rarely thought about playing with my children. I realized not only did they need that play, needed it too.

Here are a few ideas of simple things you can do with your children to bring back the playfulness that can lighten the load you are all carrying.

Go to a park and ALL of you swing – not just the children!

Go fly kites together.

Mix up a batch of playdough and see what you can create.

Take a ball or frisbee to a park to play with.

Finger paint – (don’t forget the old shirts over your clothes!)

Pillow figjht – with SOFT pillows and a few ground rules!

Paper wars – wad up a bunch of papers, and just like a snowball fight, chase each other around the house seeing how good your aim is.

Jump on a trampoline together.

It’s just a start – and my challenge to you is to make your own list so when you have the urge to do something together you can quickly make a choice and go do it!