You are used to seeing me on Mondays, but Hope for Widows has asked me to start posting on Thursdays as well. This week I want to take a minute and introduce myself to those of you who are new.

First of all, I am sorry you qualify to be here. There is a lot of love and support at and I hope you will use the site as a resource as you move forward.

I have been widowed for about 22 months, he was 53 and I was 48. My husband died suddenly and unexpectedly, leaving me, a stay-at-home mom, with a broken heart, no employment and a need for a new plans in my life. I am not a professional writer or counselor, just a fellow traveler on this journey. You will probably not see advice from me, rather you will see short essays about moving forward as a widow. I may pose questions to you, eager to learn about your experiences. I tend to write from the gut, not organizing and pre-writing my posts. Now that I am going to be writing two days a week, I think I am going to have to organize my gut a bit more.

My life is good and I am happy. I changed careers and love my employment. Grief still comes, but not with the horrible impact it had at first. Yes, there are days when I still can’t believe he is gone.

It is my hope you will have peace and comfort, know you are not alone, and that you are going to be okay.