I have mentioned in an earlier post that my husband’s death removed nearly all fear from me. I figured I had been through one of the hardest things I could ever imagine and I am still standing. In that spirit, I have tried new things since he died, from eating fish to canyoneering.

This week, I am about to embark on a little adventure. My sister has invited me to help her at her artist’s booth at a local comic con. There are about 120,000 people expected and I am excited to see the costumes, feel the energy, and revel in nerd and geekdom. I have been trying to learn about the different fandoms. That has made me more knowledgeable but makes me feel kinda old. Oh well.

Some of my other fall adventures have been put off for a year. My big canyoneering trip and Dirty Dash will have to wait until 2015 because of a shoulder injury repair. My current adventure is typing while wearing a sling.

What adventures have you done this summer? What adventures are you planning on doing? Remember, you have done something incredibly hard and you survived. You deserve a fun adventure.