I walked past my plants this morning, and knew I’d waited much too long.

photo 1-3They were drooping, and some of the leaves had started fading from their luscious green to a sickly yellow.

I’d been thinking about them for days now. Each time I looked at them, I knew I needed to water them. But there was always that one thing that was more urgent that kept me going right past them. And now, I was almost too late.

Yes, I had other things calling at me today – but I knew if I didn’t get to the plants now, their recovery would take much longer – and I’d lose more leaves. These plants have been with me for years, and they’re almost like friends! Neglected friends, yes, but still friends. So, I walked into the kitchen, filled the watering can, and made the rounds of all the plants. (I only have seven, and I keep them in pretty close proximity to each other. I know my limits…)

It had only taken me two or three minutes to complete the task I’d been putting off for days. And in only a matter of minutes, they were perking up.

photo 2-2It was a little reminder that sometimes I tend to put off doing the little things that can make a big difference in my life. I also was reminded that the more regularly I do the vital small things (connecting with God, making time for service, caring for my physical and emotional needs, etc) the better life gets.

Today, find a little thing that you know you’ve been needing to do – and do it! And see what a difference it can make!