This week, we have something special for you! Each day you will have a chance to get better acquainted with our Hope for Widows website authors, as we’ve asked each one, for their daily post, to share something about themselves with you.

We currently have:

Karen McCandless writing Mondays and Thursdays,

Cathy Leaf on Tuesdays,

Lisa Bargewell on Wednesdays, and

Cathy Nelson on Fridays.

(Occasionally you’ll see a post from Ellen Gerst from the Advisory Board, Roslyn Geertsen from the Board of Directors, and Gwen Peterson, Founder, President, and Chairperson.)

We are so grateful for these women who give of their time – and their heart – with no thought of compensation of any sort – to bless us all with their insight, their compassion, and their encouragement.

We hope this week as you get to know each one better, you’ll be able to get a glimpse into their lives and feel their individual concern for you! These are incredible women!