I made it through another Christmas! I only tortured myself with memories and the would of, could of, and should of’s for a short time on Christmas Day. I was determined that this year would be different, and I set out to create a whole new experience. I believe I succeeded.

I ignored the feeling of being left out of family celebrations, and pushed through the loneliness.
I was able to visit some family members before Christmas and enjoy time well spent. Christmas Day was spent with a life long friend and her family. We opened presents, and I even had a Christmas stocking filled with treats. We visited her ill mother who is someone very special in my life.

My Christmas was spent with good friends, good food, pure love and joy!!!!

I hated Christmas after Ray died. I hated feeling alone in a crowed room full of Christmas cheer.
I felt so alone with nobody to share presents or secrets. I have been reborn; I am full of hope, and I hope that next year will be the same … full of good friends, good food, pure love and joy.

I am actually looking forward to Christmas next year!image