We as widows know all too well that life can be cut short, dreams don’t always work out how we thought they would, and tomorrow never does come. For this reason I have decided to focus on love in 2015, instead of making New Years Resolutions.

Before Ray died I believed I knew what love looked like, meaning there were rules for love. Rules for what we do or do not do, say and even for what we are supposed to think and believe, if we are to be considered a loving person. Now, I believe there are no preconceived rules of love. Love looks very different through my widow eyes. Love has no set of preconceived rules. Rather love is in the moment, guiding us in each moment as to what to do, say, think, believe, etc.! Love is an infinite concept that I used to confine to a finite with my set of rules about what I thought love is. Since being a widow I have said no out of love, I have lovingly left toxic friendships, I have been willing to teach life lessons from love, and I have stopped being a doormat.

By focusing on love this year, I hope to learn what it is to Be Love. Love is the foundation for forgiveness, joy, and hope. By Being love, I can have it all.image