I started participating in triathlons a little over 10 years ago. I loved the energy, the swimming and the biking. I did not like the running. I have tried and tried to like running. Our community has the kindest running store owner anyone could ask for and he has tried to help me with great shoes. I have told myself, “You used to be a good runner when you were younger and you really liked it.” That did not help.

It has been a while since I did a triathlon and I would like to start up again. But there is that running stuff that goes on. Can I do a two person relay where I swim and bike and someone else runs? I don’t think they do that.

I recently made very liberating decisions: I don’t have to like running. I don’t have to train to run. Just swim and bike and move in some way through the run part. I do sprint triathlons, so it is “only” 3 miles. I can walk that. I am not going to win any awards even if I ran. I am really happy knowing it is okay to dislike running!

Do you have things in your life you have been trying to force yourself to like? Do you really have to do them? What would happen if you didn’t do them anymore? Would anyone notice? How would you feel? Maybe you don’t have to like running either.