saint (seɪnt)

1. a person of exceptional holiness, formally recognized by the Christian Church esp. by canonization.

2. a person of great virtue or benevolence.

“You are a saint”, I said to my dear friend who is watching dementia wreak havoc upon her husband while her own health is suffering.
“I’m not a saint, I just muddle along.” she said.

I told her without thinking, “That’s what saints do.”

Later, I deeply thought about my response to my friend, since it didn’t seem to come from me. Has there ever been a saint in history who said “Ta Da! I am a saint!”? I can’t think of one. Every one who comes to mind muddled along, having faith and hoping for the best. Some of the situations were by choice (such as taking on a cause, but not knowing the outcome) or have had a situation thrust upon them.

Who are the saints in my life? Well, not me. There are many who would consider themselves “muddling” through life: snow shovelers, caregivers, cancer survivors, those who pray for me and others, neighbors, family, co-workers, volunteers, teachers, friends, those who live each day with challenges. They are all saints to me. Thank you for your example.

Are you muddling along? Have you ever thought of yourself as a saint? Well, maybe you should.

Note: This was originally published on my blog in May 2013.