I attended a widow/widowers conference for those of my faith a couple of weeks ago. Part of the progressive dinner included questions each one of us at the table would answer. I learned all sorts of things about my new friends and they learned things about me. As was said at the dinner, “What is said at this table, stays at this table.”

I will share two questions: What one word describes you? What one word do you wish described you?

These types of questions are so hard because I am not a person of one word, but many. Then you throw in the fact I cannot talk without using my hands and other non-verbals and this one word business was nearly impossible! But I came up with one word that describes me.


Yup, with me, what you see is what you get. It can make for some occasional awkward, embarrassing moments, but I am what I am. My friends know they are seeing the real me, because there isn’t a fake me. To steal a description from a friend, I am like a Saint Bernard puppy: bounding, curious, enthusiastic, slobbery, in the moment, and a bit naive. My authenticity makes me comfortable sharing my experiences with you-friends and total strangers. My authenticity leaves me with little fear of what life may bring. My authenticity makes my life a lot of fun.

What word do I wish described me?


The experiences of the last 2.5 years have drawn me much closer to God. However, as I move closer and become stronger, I see how mortal I am. I will go through the rest of my live striving to have this word describe me and I am okay with that.

What one word describes you? What one word do you wish described you?