I finished a book. In fact, I have finished two books!!!! I love to read!

I’ve been an avid reader my whole life. After Ray died, I developed a problem with my ability to concentrate. I would start a book only to read the same sentence repeatedly and then finely put the book away, having lost all interest in it.

I spent hours reading while caring for my late husband. I read as he and I waited for test results, as I sat by his bed while he slept, and while he was having medical test or procedures done. I read and read and read some more. Reading was my escape from reality.

As a child, my mother would take my books away as a punishment. I still remember her putting them on top of the refrigerator out of my reach until my chores were completed. The point is, I love to read, and after Ray died, I lost my love of reading due to my lack of concentration. I thought my love affair with books was over.

Oh, how I hoped that as time passed my concentration in the reading department would return. I am so grateful that grief did not win this one!! PTSD did not win this one!! I’m reading again!!image