The picture “The Good Samaritan” by Liz Lemon Swindle hangs in my living room. It is a modern-day depiction of the biblical story. It was given to me by a local non-profit organization after my husband died. He served on its board of directors for years and also donated his time as its attorney. He cared deeply about the less fortunate and loved his associates.

One of the many hard things the widowed face is how to mark important days such as anniversaries, holidays and birthdays. Our family decided to celebrate my husband’s birthday by creating “Don’s Do Good Day”. We invited friends to do an act of service on Don’s birthday to remember his life of service. The acts can be elaborate or simple. Maybe it is letting someone go in front of you at the grocery store, or smiling at someone. The first year, we helped finish a Habitat for Humanity home. Others shared treats and Don’s favorite scripture. The list is endless.

This year, many, many people have said they will be “attending” the third annual Don’s Do Good Day. I love having an emotionally difficult day turned into an outward reaching event.

That’s what Don would have wanted.

PS Fishing, eating steak, discussing the theory of relativity and playing the guitar are optional that day. . .