I often sit back and wonder what my life would have been like had I not lost my father at the age of 6. I was a little girl who needed her daddy. Why would God take him from me? What did I do to deserve this? Was I a bad child that didn’t deserve a daddy? I heard the words coming out of my grandmother’s mouth, “Your dad has gone to be with the Lord.” Okay but what does that really mean? So many questions and it seems that the adults around me are not telling me what I need to know. Everyone seems to be more concerned with my grandparents and my mother but what about me? Why am I just lost in this whole process? I’m angry not sad because I want my father to come back!! A lot of times the smaller children get overlooked in the process of dealing with death. I need people to remember that they have feelings as well. They may not understand the emotions that they’re dealing with but they are real emotions. All I wanted was the love of my father just like all of my friends had. That void in my life would eventually take me down a long dark road one that took me years to recover from. I was A Little Girl Broken which turned into A Broken Woman.