Sawaya Consulting generously donated the time and resources to help build the new Hope for Widows site. You can read more on their blog: Hope for Widows—when a website really can make a difference.


Tanya is a remarried widow, mother, blogger/writer and business owner of Addelise Inc. - a Marketing and Brand Development company.

Tanya is a widow advocate who shares her journey of widowhood to inspire and empower through experience. She was just named to the Board of Directors and is also the Creative Director for Hope for Widows Foundation.

At the age of 26, Tanya became a young widow. For a time, motion was at a stand still, but it came back in full force and gave her so much clarity and tenacity to take on things, to live life with no bounds. This tenacity has opened many doors, inspired new adventures in the last 11 years, and has forced her out of her comfort zone. She has a heart to serve and her message is one of hope through the dark and treacherous seasons that can become us. She shares her journey and writings on the A Widows World Blog she created.

Tanya was just featured on the Feeling Fabulous Podcast

She was also named a Woman of Strength in Glancer Magazine, a Chicagoland publication and has other guest appearances podcasts and life radio shows. LifeBeats Project Podcast series, sharing her story and how to get to a place where you can see the beauty in your brokenness. Episode - Getting comfortable with the uncomfortable and beginning again after loss to find the beauty in the broken spaces of your life | with Tanya Smith of A Widow's World (TLBP #64)

The healing that has come from connection to other widowed woman, is something I just cant be more thankful for in my life, though I wish it was not the common connection that brought us together.