We are so excited today to announce our new website! We are so grateful to the incredible people, Steve and Amber Sawaya, at Sawaya Consulting for their untiring work to make this site beautiful, inviting, functional, and most of all, helpful for you, our friends.

It’s so easy to get ‘stuck’ in grief. The weight of it all can make even the thought of moving ahead seem overwhelming. So when someone steps up and offers to help, it can be exactly the boost you needed to get in motion once more.

We have wanted to be able to serve you better, and to reach out to serve more people, but simply didn’t have the knowledge or resources to do so. We didn’t know what our next step should be.

Then, the Sawayas stepped up and offered their help, and we are thrilled with the results. We can’t wait to see where this new website will take Hope for Widows and all those we hope to serve!

We have a password protected section of our website that has forums, videos from our therapist, and ways to friend-request and message other widowed women on our site, similar to Facebook, and we invite you to join us by going to https://hopeforwidows.org/resources/request-support/ .

Come connect with us and find renewed hope as we, together, take this new step forward!