Seeing Possibilities

I listened to a conversation about grief recently, and the idea was suggested that as we grieve, seeing people who are further along in the grieving process can help us to see the possibility of us getting there, too.

I found that to be true during the first two years after my husband drowned. While interviewing women for my book about how they survived their loss, I spoke to many whose loss was years before mine, and who were re-engaged in life quite fully. It was a fascinating process for me, and it gave me so much hope to see that these women, who had also lost part of their life could still carry on and even find happiness in their new endeavors.

That is one aspect of Hope for Widows that we hope women will take full advantage of. As you read one another’s posts, we hope you take hope in those whose grief is not quite so raw, and that those who are well on the road to healing will be able to offer hope to those who are still working their way through those dark days when one wonders if it is possible to survive even one more hour.

Hopefully, there will always be others a little further along in the journey that we can learn from, and as we keep moving, we will forever continue seeing more and more possibilities.