I remember the day after my late husband drowned. I was sitting at the dining room table, trying to focus on what the funeral director was saying as he was helping me plan the funeral. My sister was there and offered me a drink of water. I declined. Nothing sounded good, and I felt neither thirst nor hunger.

Since then, I’ve learned. I attended a class once where a professor from a local university stated that the symptoms of dehydration and the symptoms of depression often mirror each other. He said if we weren’t drinking enough, we could experience the feelings of depression, even though we weren’t clinically “depressed.” He encouraged us to drink regularly, and to drink water, avoiding sodas and sweetened drinks.

When grieving, it’s wise to do everything you can to avoid any extra ‘blues’ or feelings of sadness. As you learn about things that help lift your spirits, incorporate them in your life. I always encourage my clients to make sure they are drinking around 8 glasses of water daily. I know it helps me feel better when I’m hydrating frequently.

Are you drinking enough? Maybe it’s time to go get a glass of water!