I was thinking back this morning to some of the hardest times after my husband drowned. I remembered how at one point after a year or so when I realized one morning that, hard as the past year had been, I truly had been watched over, and literally ‘carried’ much of that time.

I thought of the poem “Footsteps”, and pondered all the times I had made it through a day I didn’t think I could (…all those ‘firsts’ after a loss – you know what I’m talking about!)

This day was different, though.  I felt that this day that maybe God was gently placing my feet on the ground and saying, “Take a step today – just one – you can do it!”

It was a baby step, but I took it. And as time went on, I took more and more steps, and I became aware I was needing less and less help to take those steps.

Is today a day you can take another step? What can you do today to move you further along in the healing process?

May you feel the support of your Creator as you strive to continue on this journey – and may the step you take today bring you a sense of accomplishment – and hope!