I was driving toward home after running errands this morning when a thought entered my mind. It was like a flash – just there for an instant, and a bright light filled my mind and my heart.

It left as quickly as it had come, but it left a sweetness in my heart, and I felt my soul stirring. I felt there were good things awaiting me if I would only respond.

As I’ve pondered on that experience today, I feel like it was an invitation from God. That flash of brilliance felt like it was rousing me to awaken, to see that there is greater joy awaiting me, if I’ll just step up to receive it.

My life is full of good things. Interacting with children and grandchildren, being a wife to my new husband, keeping our home in order, my work, my church calling with the youth – all bring me fulfillment and meaning. Yet, today, I felt that if I will draw nearer to the God who has brought all these good things into my life, He has even more goodness He wants to give me.

Surprisingly, I didn’t come away from this feeling overwhelmed. Usually, I would have thought, “How can I fit one more thing into my already full days?” Yet, today, I felt only a sweet invitation, a yearning to be closer to my Maker, and a desire to be more devoted to those things that will make my life more closely reflect His.

So tonight I’m turning to prayer and to my scriptures. It’s where I always find closeness to Him. I know I will find answers, and direction. And, as I follow that direction, and take even a small step up, that light I saw for an instant today will become more constant within me, and greater goodness will fill my heart and my life.