I have spent this week in Colorado receiving some great work related training. I had watched the three trainers on DVD and was excited to see them in person.

One presenter looked much different than she did on the DVD. Her weight loss, hair style and clothing made her look much different. She also had a great sense of humor and a fun personality. There was an energy about her. She seemed to be loving life!

As her presentation progressed, she said she was a widow and she didn’t follow the “steps of grief” some say one follows. I instantly felt more bonded to her because I, too, am a widow and didn’t follow those steps.

I had a chance to visit with her for a minute and she told me two things: 1. She’s been widowed for three years, and 2. She had some great widow humor to share with me. I left feeling happy, looking forward to her jokes at a later time. It was so fun to see someone who had experienced tragedy loving life! I thought, “I want to be like that too!” Not only was I trained for my work, but trained for life after becoming a widow.