“Pleasant words are a honeycomb, sweet to the soul and healing to the bones.”  (Proverbs 16:24)

The qualities of honey make a beautiful word picture here.  Honey is a natural antibacterial poured over burns and wounds it protects from infection and promotes healing. It is a preservative, poured over some foods it makes them last longer.  And honey never spoils, archeologists have discovered honeycomb in Egyptian pyramids that is perfectly edible.  This being said, it makes sense that honey and the kindness of words, were compared in this beautiful proverb.

As I searched for words to share here I realized how precious words are, how like rare treasures they can become life-giving.  But misused, words can be used as a sharp blade… hurting, causing discouragement and even devastating the heart.

It’s my hope to encourage.  I’ve always been sensitive to words, both the ones I hear and the ones I use.  I’ve found it a challenge to encourage others as I feel I have so little left in me to share.  I believed for so long that loss drained me of anything pleasant or sweet. But that was a lie. I am learning I may not have much…. but I have words and words are powerful.

Widow sisters, our journeys are personal.  Each one is so unique.  I could never claim to know your pain or understand your steps. But the ache of a widow in all her agony and all she’s lost… that is universal no matter the circumstances that brought us here.

I have hope, though it’s not something tangible I can grasp ahold of or savor yet. I have faith the God I’ve come to love and lean upon as my rock will never leave me… though that faith is as tiny as a mustard seed at times.  I have joy, yes joy, in the journey’s pain… joy is not a momentary happiness it’s a life-long sense of knowing I am not alone, that I am loved and that my tears are not wasted or unseen. I  have to struggle and battle and fight for this joy though.

As widows we are keenly aware of words that unfeeling, ignorant or even well-meaning people have said to us.  The pain and wounding of such words have lead us to believe few people really care or want to understand.  I pray that you’d know words of the honeycomb. May they be a healing balm, protecting you from the infection of fear, doubt and lies. That you hear encouragement and experience healing tears and know beautiful friendships where the honeycomb is real.  May there be honey poured over the discouraging words and may the sweeter memories of your beloved husbands be preserved. Remember beautiful encouraging words will never spoil.  They will always remain, to be discovered by others as sweet as the day they were delivered.

I have received many sweet words from my hope sisters here. It’s been a hard and lonely, journey, at times. But those sweet words remain in my heart on the hardest days.  God’s used them to heal hurts and protect from unhealthy grieving steps that could have infected my journey.  Bless you all as you take the steps of your journey and share words of kind encouragement and the ache of your stories.




Wendy Simpson grew up and lived in the Pacific Northwest all her life. Married for 20 years, she became a widowed mother of four beautiful daughters in 2014. She is an artist and loves to write. Wendy currently blogs at Widow's Manna on WordPress.

Her husband was diagnosed with a rare internal melanoma in the spring of 2014. After a 6 month battle her beloved was victorious and took Jesus hand. Wendy would say that those last 6 months were the most beautiful moments of their whole marriage.