Mourning the loss of a partner is a time of uncertainty.

During this time, you are living in the gap – free floating across a deep, dark hole into which you are fighting not to fall. Without a solid footing, you might become panicky and look for things or people onto which to hold, so you don’t disappear into this hole.

It is prudent to evaluate and carefully choose onto what or whom you grasp.


Keep in mind that there is a difference between DOUBTING your ability to choose and being UNCERTAIN about what to choose.

Underneath doubt is the core emotion of fear; for example, you are afraid to trust yourself.

Conversely, uncertainty is indicative of a transitional phase. You are moving through your fear and are willing to just “be” in order to figure things out.

While you might think you’ve reached a plateau or are stuck, consider that, at times, simply being able to be still is indicative of growth.

Where are you in this process? Please share with the group.