Are you feeling stuck in your grief? Perhaps nothing seems to be going right at the moment, and you believe that you don’t know what you should do next.

Well … that may just be the truth that you are believing or telling yourself right now, but it isn’t  necessarily a true statement.

If you look deep inside, you will discover that there’s usually an answer or a resolution … and you DO know what it is. Now, you may not like the answer or want to do the things necessary to resolve your issues. This isn’t the same thing as an answer not existing.

The hard truth is that there are times in life when it’s necessary to do things that are unpleasant, difficult, and heart-wrenching for that’s the only way to get through them in order to reach a better place.

The longer you procrastinate in taking these necessary steps, the bigger the issue can become as the ramifications can multiply from your inaction. This often happens when a person lives in self-denial of her feelings. They don’t go away but, instead, cast a shadow that hovers over every future circumstance and person encountered.

The bottom line is that it’s more than okay to not like the situation in which you find yourself, and it’s certainly okay to dread the unpleasant steps you may need to institute. That doesn’t mean you should forego completing these tasks. Taking a proactive approach is the only way you will get to a tomorrow that can be brighter.

headinsand101714As you embark upon your path and these tasks, keep your eyes open for the opportunities that you will encounter. They are always there; it’s just that you may be walking with your head down so you don’t notice them.

Life is NOT black and white; it is lived on a continuum of duality and it’s your choice which filter you choose to look through. Will it be a positive or negative filter? A positive one allows for you to see that there is good to be found in the bad. It’s your job to glean all the “good” nuggets as you dig your way out of your sadness and despair.