Another Coping Mechanism:  Salt Lamps

By: Jill Hochman

Board Member Hope for Widows Foundation


Have you ever seen a salt lamp?  They look like this:

Some people think they are beautiful.  Some people (including me) think they are ugly.  No mater your opinion, they can provide some benefits to us as we move along our own grief journey.


What are these potential benefits and that you might get them from a salt lamp?


The benefits can be many.  They range from helping to relieve stress to helping improve sleep.  The salt lamp can increase oxygen to your brain, remove bacteria in and allergens in the air, and improve mental alertness. This helps with anxiety which we all know is a big part of grief — at least for many of us including me.  


Technology and other toxic positive ions can affect our bodies by the electromagnetic wavelengths with different frequencies they send out. The different frequencies can cause imbalances that can impact on our bodies and our emotions.  They can leave us with sleep problems, imbalanced hormones, health issues, and other problems that can just make our grief worse.


So how can salt lamps help?  Let me start by asking if you ever stood outside either right before a thunderstorm or during one?  If you have, maybe you noticed how fresh things feel or how good you feel.  This is because the air is being charged with negative ions.  Negative ions cleanse the air since they act as a neutralizer to calm down the air when positive electrons or other toxins increase.  The salt lamps can do this because they are made from pure Himalayan salt.  The light and salt in the lamps work together. The salt attracts water while the heat causes the water to evaporate.  This creates negative ions which help us feel better.


Since negative ions help us feel a bit better; salt lamps can also help us deal with our grief.  If you are like me, sleep is now a real challenge.  Salt lamps can help us sleep better.  Anxiety has also become an issue.  Salt lamps calm that down– at least for me.


So, if you are looking for another way to help move on this grief journey, maybe a salt mako can help.  If you do not live near a metaphysical store, lots of places have them available on line.  And, where I live then even have them at TJmaxx or Homegoods.


Feel better, give a salt lamp a try.



Jill Hochman is a retired US Federal Senior Executive. Jill worked at the US Department of Transportation for 34 years. She wrote the first ever standard for licenses for drivers of big trucks and busses. Much of her career was spent bringing people together to facilitate and improve safety and transportation project planning.

Jill met her husband Charlie at work while waiting for a bus and they were married for almost 35 years. Shortly after retiring, Charlie died from cancer in August of 2014. He was diagnosed just 3 weeks before passing and Jill was not prepared to be a widow with all her retirement years ahead– much less be a single mom to a twenty year old son.

Since taking on this completely unplanned widow/single mom role,Jill joined the University of Maryland Legacy Leadership Program in the School of a Public Health, created a fund in her husband’s name to provide food at her city’s interfaith food pantry, and brings to widows positive intentions and healing energy through her work as a Master Reiki Healer.