Reduce Your COVID-19 Anxiety By 65 Percent



I’m interrupting my continuation of “Three Inspirational Women I’m Looking To in 2020” post, to share a therapeutic music hack for COVID-19 related anxiety. I don’t know about you, but the COVID-19 pandemic is a lot to juggle on top of grief. It’s pushing my anxiety buttons hard. Turns out neuroscience can save the day and reduce your COVID-19 anxiety by 65 percent. Seriously.


Sound Therapy


This anti-anxiety neuroscience comes in the form of a song in the category of sound therapy. It’s called “Weightless” by Macaroni Union. 

Recently I was accepted into a Certified Music Practitioner (CMP) program that teaches how to treat patients therapeutically through music. This song was shared with me by a seasoned CMP and it has become my go-to song for anxiety reduction. 

It has been scientifically proven to reduce anxiety by 65 percent – and it will only take eight minutes and eight seconds of your time. 


Grab Some Headphones and Relax


If this sounds good to you, grab some headphones and take a listen:  Weightless by Macaroni Union. I like to listen while sitting on the floor with my legs crossed and my back up against the wall. Then, I close my eyes and let the song release my anxiety. Find what works for you! The link will take you to the official video on YouTube. YouTube also offers extended versions of the song where you can listen to “Weightless” for thirty minutes or ten hours if you’d like. 


First Experience


Weightless was the first therapeutic piece of music I’ve listened to in my life. I heard it just before the pandemic took full effect. Personally I can attest to the reduction in anxiety I felt while listening to the song. When the chaos of COVID-19 hit, I thought about this song and threw on my headphones a lot. 

As those COVID-19 anxiety related buttons keep being pushed, I push play on “Weightless”. 


The Neuroscience Behind It


To learn about the neuroscience behind the song, visit this article through “The World’s Most Relaxing Song”. 


Happy relaxed listening my dear friends. My thoughts and prayers are with all of you as well as all those who are very sadly, experiencing loss and grief right now because of COVID-19. Next month I will return to my post on the Three Inspirational Women I’m Looking To In 2020. Until then, I’m thinking of you all and hoping for COVID-19 to end tomorrow.






My widow journey began in 2011 when I was 27. My late husband passed away from injuries sustained in a motorcycle accident. My re-entry into life has been difficult, but my relationship with God, being diagnosed with PTSD and my passion for music, dance and science have greatly helped me get back on my feet. I am currently preparing for graduate school and volunteer as an endometriosis educator for the Endometriosis Foundation of America.

I have so much that I look forward to sharing with you and I hope that you may find something in my writing that will bring hope to your own journey, help you through the tough days, and show you that happiness can be found in the midst of grief.

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