Current Location: Heaven



I like that I know exactly where you are.


I think you and my mom

hang out

and do weird things together.


That pair of pigeons

crapping on my deck are suspect.

Those ridiculous geese

that waddle right up to window.

Those proud cardinals

swiping all the bird food.


I spent so much time in our marriage

worried about where you were.

I wanted to geo-track you

because you were a wild card.

Put a chip under your fur.

Tag your fin.


Did your building collapse?

Did the car overheat on the highway again?

Did you stop for a drink and karaoke?

Did the city lockdown?

Did you pass out from flag football?

Are you just on the john?

Are you STILL at work?

Are there bus delays? Train delays?

Did you forget something, babe, did you forget?


I see now you were busy living

because you only had 40 years to do it.

I see now I always worried

because my soul somehow knew that.


The medium said,

You have lived many lives together.                                                                        

The medium said,

This was your agreement – he would pass first this time.

And you would remain.


Of all the ways to go, I never thought you would be at rest.

I thought you would be in motion. Always in motion.


I’d chase you through heaven any day.



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Amanda thought March 4th, 2020, would be just another normal morning until her husband, Ed, went into cardiac arrest due to his heart condition, HCM, hypertrophic cardiomyopathy. There was a 1% chance of sudden death, but he passed that day. He was 40 years young, and they had been married for 14 years. One week later the world went into lockdown due to Covid, and Amanda and her two small sons, who were 9 and 11, would be left grieving during the strangest of times.

During this time, writing was the only way Amanda could cope. She wrote the manuscript The Queen of Joyful Things, which are poems about losing her husband. She is happy to be a part of the Hope for Widows community and hopes her story will help other young widows. You can visit her at: