Welcome to the Hope for Widows Foundation New Website


Hope for Widows Foundation launches new website. The Directors have the heart, understanding and the commitment that it takes to serve our growing community. The website update has been close to their hearts for some time. The reason for the new website was to offer ease of use and accessibility to each of you as we offer new events, programs and inititaives.

The Hope For Widows Foundation logo was designed giving it a fresh and modern feel. Many have asked about the meaning of our new beautiful logo and we are excited to share the inspiration that came from thinking of each of you and what this community truly embodies. We hope you identify with this.


The leaves represent each of us together, each woman widowed and that common connection. The hand represents Hope for Widows Foundation as a place of community, where we come together, grow together and share our hearts, our pain, our joy, our triumphs while supporting and uplifting each other through.












So, you may be wondering – “What exactly does it mean to join Hope for Widows Foundation?” We have highlights below and more detailed information that will help you navigate each. You must be a woman who has lost a husband or significant other to gain approval to join our community.

Member Benefits:

  • Free Membership
  • Monthly Newsletter
  • Resources
  • Distance Tracker/Map Locator. This feature allows you to locate woman within your area.
  • Private 24×7 chat application known as Slack is available for download (more information will be released on this in the next week).
  • Private Facebook group access.
  • Private YouTube video library

In addition, we provide several avenues for you to connect with woman who understand throughout the United States and Internationally. We are solely formed and affiliated within the United States, but do have connection with woman worldwide. Below are links to resources we hope you will use.

Member Only Resources

Login to the Community›
By joining Hope For Widows, you receive many benefits and connections. You will receive the newsletter, access to the secure map/distance tracker feature if you choose to enter your city and state to locate woman near you, video library and also access to a private chat area and the private Facebook page (link provided below).

Distance Tracker/Map Feature ›

Hope for Widows Foundation offers a distance tracker in the secure members only area. In this location, you can enter just your city and state and find woman who may be near you. From there you can email them to get in touch.

24×7 Online Chat (Slack App) ›
Hope for Widows Foundation is excited to offer a new 24×7 chat app. You can download Slack to your phone or computer and have access to the chat group 24×7, connecting with the woman who become active on there. (More information will be provided in the coming week.)

Private YouTube Video Library ›
Hope for Widows Foundation offers the viewing of the Private Facebook Group Videos from initiatives such as Widow Wednesday and Self Care Saturday. These can be accessed by logging in or by following the YouTube channel. (Coming Soon.)

Private Facebook Group ›
This is a private peer to peer support group that requires approval. Only widowed woman are allowed in this group. It helps us facilitate the management of our community and showcase selected uplifting posts to our general audience.

Additional Resources

Initiatives ›
We provide many interesting initiatives for you to get involved in. Please check back regularly for more information. Such events are Hope Sister Gift exchange, Hope Sister Giveaways, Widow Wednesday, 30 days of gratitude, 31 days of Capturing widowhood, Self Care Saturday and much more.

Public Facebook Page ›
This is our public page where we represent our community to new members and the public alike.

Instagram Group›
Please follow Hope For Widows Foundation on Instagram. We share monthly initiatives, relatable quotes, consistent giveaways and inspirational and uplifting messages.

Hope for Widows Blog ›
Articles and helpful information written specifically by the Hope for Widows blogging community – woman recently widowed and those that have been widowed for many years. Each of our bloggers come from different walks and perspectives. If you feel called to share, please message us.

Our new website was designed and implemented by one of our very own Board members, Tanya Smith. She is the Creative Director of our Foundation and partners closely with the Directors, Chasity, Khadija and Maureen to implement the visions and planned initiatives for the organization to better serve each of you. Tanya’s company is Addelise Inc. 

We hope this community and the resources and events we provide, will assist you in finding the comfort, support, and hope for healing.

We’re glad to have you here. Thank you for being a part of our community.

Sincerely your Hope For Widows Foundation Board,

Chasity, Maureen, Khadija, Jill & Tanya


Tanya is a remarried widow, mother, blogger/writer and business owner of Addelise Inc. - a Marketing and Brand Development company.

Tanya is a widow advocate who shares her journey of widowhood to inspire and empower through experience. She was just named to the Board of Directors and is also the Creative Director for Hope for Widows Foundation.

At the age of 26, Tanya became a young widow. For a time, motion was at a stand still, but it came back in full force and gave her so much clarity and tenacity to take on things, to live life with no bounds. This tenacity has opened many doors, inspired new adventures in the last 11 years, and has forced her out of her comfort zone. She has a heart to serve and her message is one of hope through the dark and treacherous seasons that can become us. She shares her journey and writings on the A Widows World Blog she created.

Tanya was just featured on the Feeling Fabulous Podcast http://www.feelingfabulouspodcast.com/entrepreneur/17-interview-with-tanya-smith/

She was also named a Woman of Strength in Glancer Magazine, a Chicagoland publication and has other guest appearances podcasts and life radio shows. LifeBeats Project Podcast series, sharing her story and how to get to a place where you can see the beauty in your brokenness. Episode - Getting comfortable with the uncomfortable and beginning again after loss to find the beauty in the broken spaces of your life | with Tanya Smith of A Widow's World (TLBP #64) https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/lifebeats-project-briana-johnson/id1088514723?mt=2.

The healing that has come from connection to other widowed woman, is something I just cant be more thankful for in my life, though I wish it was not the common connection that brought us together.